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Car hesitation

I have a 2004 Mazda 6. When I accelerate i am getting a serious hesitation that has been getting worse over the past year. At red lights, the car is also missing (not a smooth idle). Do you think its the spark plugs or the fuel pump or even dirty injectors? Thank you for your reply.


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You Could Have Carbon Deposits Building Up (Symptoms Gradually Getting Worse As It Builds) Inside The Mazda’s Throttle Body And Decreasing Air Flow. You Could Try Cleaning The Throttle Body.


First, how many miles on your Mazda? Have you had all the maintenance listed in the owner’s manual done? If not now is a good time.

I have 115,000 miles and I have not changed my spark plugs so I’ll take your advise and have them changed. Thanks for your help.
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Pull out the owners manual (or find one somewhere). Find the maintenance schedule. Do everything that hasn’t been done. You’re just asking for trouble. Maybe some people think that maintenance schedules are scams or something set up to make dealerships money. But cars are machines. They are subject to wear and tear and have to be maintained. And any good mechanic can do the maintenance. So just get in the habit of having things done according to recommended schedules.

I would be tempted to ask if the Check Engine Light has been lit up for the past year, but I think we already know the answer to that question.

Funny you should ask that question. I did bring the car to the dealership for the routine oil and filter and mentioned the check engine light, they said that the Air Intake Boot was broken that could cause hesitation, between the diagnostic fee and replacement of the part it was $263. When I bought the car back for the next oil change and mentioned the check engine light again they said that they would charge the usual $100 diagnostic fee to find what was wrong but I said well you didnt fix the problem last time so why should I keep paying the diagnostic fee. I just hate dealerships but will have to get the spark plugs done this week. Thanks