How necessary is the ebreak cable

I had a mouse chew on the ebreak cable and drank the fluid and decided instead of hidding himself he was just gonna plop down there, so i could come outside and say, nice.

Its on a saturn ion with 230k, would you still rec replacing it or just know i wont have a ebreak when parking on hills

I would replace it

You’re going to hate yourself if you don’t and then actually NEED that parking brake cable down the road

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I feel dumb for asking because if it had 120,000 miles id do it in a heart beat but now im just like cmon do i even need the ebreak; this cars dead in 2 years max, and 2. why the hell would you think a ebreak cord would taste good

And no never got a reply from the mouse…

You know why parking.brake cables rust until they’re inoperable in vehicles with automatic transmissions?

Most people never use them.

It’s up to you.



Don’t feel dumb for asking

A former colleague said “There’s no such thing as a dumb question, only a dumb answer” :smiley:

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Parking brake cables don’t have fluid. What part are you talking about?


I probably would but if you never use or need it you’ll probably trade first.

E brake cables have fluid in them? Really? I’d be checking the brake hoses for damage and master cylinder for fluid level.


Obviously you don’t visit the ToyotaNation site much.


If fluid came out of it, that wasn’t the parking brake cable. I’d find out what it is, it could be a brake line.


Please post a picture so that we can be sure what component is involved here.

If you don’t replace it, then get a pair of cheap wheel chocks and have it for when you park on an incline.

I would say there was about 3-5 ounces of black fluid next to the tire, I moved it, and next time i parked few feet away nothing has came out.

The e-break does nothing, theres nothing there when you lift the handle. Ill get a picture when im off work in a hour, cant seem to find a diagram of the cables under the car or a decent youtube video. But also the resvour is still decently full on both sides, and breaking function hasnt changed on the car from a 3-5 mile test drive.

I had to scream at my wife to start using the parking brake when I turned over the driving to her. We have a steep uphill driveway that we park in. She would pull in, put the car in park, take her foot off the brake and the car would roll backwards a couple inches and then slam into the parking pawl. After I got tired of yelling at her, I calmly explained how bad this was for the car and explained (I thought) the proper use of the parking brake. Next time I’m in the car, she puts the car into Park, takes her foot off the brake, car slams into the parking pawl, and she then firmly applies the parking brake. Of course this started me yelling again that I had told her a specific sequence that things had to happen. She yelled back “you expect me to remember all that?” and takes a yellow post it note out of the glove box and writes it down and sticks it to the console. This started me yelling again “you’re getting senile! You shouldn’t even be driving anymore”. So now we’ll be taking Uber if we need to go anywhere.

I got slammed here about a year ago for making that same type of statement about the really dumb questions there . I also said that the site hade some really uninformed moderators that had no business trying to answer questions.

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I’d have paid good money to see that. :sweat_smile:

Reminds me of when my cousin bought his wife a brand new VW Beetle. It was a standard shift, and she had a remote start installed. The problem was, she always left it in gear when she turned it off.
The first time she remote started it, it was parked in the parking lot of a store. It pulled out, went up the sidewalk and impacted with a dumpster which stopped it.

The next time she remote started it, it was parked in their driveway which had firewood stacked in front of the car. It tried to climb the firewood. Had it been left in reverse, it would’ve driven itself down over the slope and into their lake.
Cousin caught her sleeping, went out and removed the remote start.


Or have ever been married

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… or the Nextdoor site. A recent question in that forum (accompanied by a photo):

OMG! What type of animal is this? Will it kill me?
(Answer–a Groundhog)

or… What day is my garbage collected?
(Without revealing the town or the section of the town where they live…)

Or, in CarTalk, new threads that begin with the words:
I’m having the same problem with my car what should I do?–without actually revealing the problem.

So, yes, there are indeed some really dumb questions.


I’ll go a little off-topic here . . .

I really like your stories, @old_mopar_guy :smile_cat: . . .

But I have a hard time seeing how yelling at the wife is going to improve anything :thinking:


No worries…she knows where he sleeps. :wink: :smile:

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