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How Much To Pay 2010 Toyota Matrix?

Our local dealer has a 2010 Toyota Matrix S with AWD and option package EJ (radio and CD player), package CL (cruise control) & package SP, CF, EF, GN (floor mats, spoilers, cargo nets). The car has 2400 miles on it and has been used as a loaner car. What would be a fair price? MSRP on the sticker is $23,480- I know that when a customer brings in a used car- even if it is only a year old- the dealer pays a LOT less than Kelly Blue Book trade in value- so, what is a fair offer for this car? Or should I not even bother with the dealer, and just go looking on Craigs List for a better deal?

oh, and it has the 4-speed automatic transmission- KBB Retail is $21,725 and KBB trade in value is $17,775

Also check the prices on edmunds, those are usually lower than kbb and more reflective of the market. I would not pay kbb retail for this car. Just the private party value from edmunds, otherwise you can negotiate the price of a new one on the net without that much hassle. Also do you really need/want all the bells and whistles, if not, why pay for them, just get a new car.

We looked at used and new cars in the fall and bought a new car. The 1-2 year used cars were only 1 to 2 thousand less… and when you factor in for a new car the new warranty, new car discount offerings, lower loan interest rates and 0 miles it is mostly a no brainier to get the new car (the dealer also provided free oil changes for life). We negotiated for the new car by contacting the dealer internet sales. We got below invoice pricing and knew when it was going to cost before we walked in the showroom. My suggestion is to price out the new car without the bells and whistles, at the other person suggested too, so at least you have a comparison.

I agree in this situation.
They’re probably asking just below that sticker price for it, and probably won’t budge since they know some other schmuck will walk in and pay it.

Thanks, all… i remember five years ago, my father-in-law bought a new AWD Astro van for some ridiculous price, $28,000 or so, and six months later, the dealer would only give him $15,000… my buddy buys at auction (he has a dealer’s license) and it pisses me off that he can get cars for 1/3 of low blue book! Cars- especially used cars- are probably the most marked-up consumer good in the USA (except, perhaps for diamonds, or alcohol!)

When you say “Edmunds” do you mean their True Market Value estimator?

I think you just answered your own question.
Get some cash ready and have the friend pick up something at auction.