Buying a used Matrix, 2nd owner

2003 XR Matrix with 64k

Bought at 23k - not sure if it was leased?

Never maintained at a Dealer but took there for a recall this yr.

They say that they did all the maintenance, such as oil change and tires only. “GREAT CONDITION” according to the owner.

CarFax is clean.

Any tips on what its worth - I looked at Edmunds - there are clean, average conditions and price changes a lot.

Take a look at; and compare to info, using the same set of parameters. Somewhere amongst the different books, some level of truth is there. For a good evaluation, take the car to a trusted mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. That inspection will give you a better picture of condition than the owner’s comment.

There is more to maintenance than tires and oil changes. I would also be interested in knowing who and how the 30/60K services were done. Check out timing belt interval since that is a costly repair. Not sure if it is time yet for that one. The owner’s manual would tell you what should have been done at those intervals.

They referred me to a Car dealer after a day silence and the dealer said it was only taken to them for a recall.

They apparently only did oil & tires. THis cas has a timing chain (not belt).

A web site shows mostly inspections, except engine oil.

It looks like these cars have (common) Tranny issues - unsure if it happens to Automatic too.

By the book, if the driving condition has not been severe, there is probably not more to be done other than oil change and checking fluid levels and belt condition. Now if the car checks out then after you buy it you might want to attend to transmission fluid, coolant and check some other things. Any used car you buy would need some catching up to be where you want it to be. Most people are not very thorough with car maintenance and if one wants to be very picky then you can not buy any used cars.

Consumer complaints:

Reading these reports, it looks like old cars are better;
Both Toyo Matrix 2003, Acura TSX 2004 have ton of issues which cost heaps!