How much more expensive is it going to be buying a newer model car during model year change?

I am considering buying either a Lexus NX200t or a Mercedes Benz GLC. I would love to wait till next month for the new GLC, however, currently the dealers are going through the model year change for NX200t, and if I keep waiting, I might have to buy a 2016 model rather than a 2015 one. The two models does not seem to be different rather than the model year. Would it be significantly more expensive if I buy a 2016 Lexus NX200t rather than a 2015 one? I’ve heard a lot about how good it is to buy a car at the end of its model year. Thank you guys so much for your help

Generally dealers want to clear their lots of last years models when the new model is available. I have bought several cars at year end and got a very good deal. Depends on their inventory also, if they only have a few 2015’s and their lot is not jammed the deal may not be so good. Visit the dealer, talk to them about both options and do not be afraid to walk away if you do not like the deal you are presented with.

If you keep your cars forever, like I do, buying the previous year’s model during the model year changeover is a great way to save money. I saved thousands on my 2014 Mazda6 this way. If you like to trade in your vehicles after two to five years of ownership then you should buy the newest model to maximize your resale value since the 2015 will already be a year old when you drive it off the lot.

I save money by avoiding buying any new vehicle. I try to buy cars and trucks that around 5 years old and in excellent condition. So far…my luck has been very good. I know it’s not for everyone but it works for me and my wife. As for electronics…I have to have the newest gadget available.

If you keep your cars forever, like I do, buying the previous year's model during the model year changeover is a great way to save money.

This is a PERFECT way to buy a new vehicle. Buy previous years model when the new one comes out…then keep it for a very long time.

The Lexus first model year for the NX200t was 2015. There will be almost no changes for 2016. There are no rebates on the Lexus. Dealers are discounting about 5% off MSRP ($2000) on average, if that makes a difference. I expect that is the year end discount. Also, expect the Lexus to cost less to maintain, and that is where the real upkeep cost is. Edmunds estimates about $1000 less over 5 years based on around $10,000 for the Benz and $9000 for the Lexus at the dealer. There are no repair cost estimates yet because they are such new models, but the Lexus is very likely to cost less to repair because it will be more reliable over the Laing haul.

Contact the internet dept. of the dealer and receive a quote. Then go to the manufactures web site and determine if the quote is good enough for you. I wrote for you because no matter what you pay someone in your family or at work is going to say you paid to much.

And even if you buy used, a family member or colleague will say you paid too much :fearful:

And you can never get as good gas mileage as they do. Besides the resale value if you trade yor car in # to 5 years be aware that if someone totals your car you will be paid by the model year.

It makes sense to buy at the end of a model year for a couple reasons. First, provided the car is recently arrived to the lot, the staff that builds the car back at the manufacturing plant has an entire year of experience building it. For this same reason it makes sense to buy a model-year at the end of the 4-6 year design sequence, right be fore they switch to a new designs. That’s probably a more important timing factor.

Cost-wise, in my experience it doesn’t make that much difference. I tend to be looking for a certain option package, a Spartan version with a manual transmission, and there won’t usually be many of those available, so I have to choose from what’s available, model year makes little difference.

I usually buy at year end if it is a new car, but I try to buy during the summer when the selection is much better. We had both good selection and good prices when we bought our 2003 Olds Silhouette and 2005 Honda Accord, both in July.

I think the question here is not about whether the end of the model year is a good time to buy, but whether it is worth waiting to see and drive the new Benz before buying, even if the OP ends up with the Lexus. None of us can really answer that question. It is personal preference, and that might trump reliability if the Benz is desirable enough.