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How much is a 1986 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class worth?

value 1986 560sl 140000miles

Buying or Selling. Impossible to give you a price with out seeing and driving the vehicle plus your location is unknown. I guess you could take it to a Mercedes dealer and see what they say.

Might want to check out listings in Hemmings

Also get in touch with any applicable car clubs . . . there might be an R107 club in your area, for all I know

If so, those guys are probably enthusiasts and might very well know what similar vehicles sold for in recent times

Check what these cars sold for in auctions, good examples can fetch quite a bit

It’s important to look for completed sales, then you’ll know what it sold for

You really don’t care what the seller was asking, you should only care what they got for it


Condition is everything. A neighbor owns a 1989, and it is perfect. It used to be his mother-in-law’s car, and she was incapacitated for much of the last 15 years. Start here and check out the recommended links:

That’s the best version of that body style (R107), with the most modern engine/interior/etc. But as others have said, a lot comes down to condition - what kind of shape is it in? Mile? Any hint of rust anywhere? How’s the interior?

One place that’ll show you what cars like yours are worth is Ebay. Not the asking price, but the maximum bid price shown in the ‘completed listings’. Most 560SLs seem to get bit to the $8,000 - $12,000 range, with the best being around $20,000. This is compared to the ‘buy it now’ prices, many over $20k, one over $50k! Not gonna sell, I bet.