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How much for Tax, Title and License?

I went to a dealership today which advertised a car for $8915. After refusing all their additional “warranties” ect. The cost still came out to $10,700.

Tax here in AZ is 8.25% which makes it $735. The difference is still $1050. I walked away because they would not accept my $9500 cash money–and also because I didn’t like the salesman tactics (they came back with a higher price written down than was listed on the internet, he asked what kind of car I drove to size up my income, etc.). Does the $1050 sound like an exorbitant amount for Title and License for Arizona? The car was an 08 Vibe with 33k miles.

Contact the AZ DMV and ask.

I have no idea what taxes are or need to be included by law by the dealer at the point of sale in Arizona. I know that in my state (State of Confusion) only the sales tax of 6.3% is collected by the dealer. In a private party sale that tax is collected when the buyer registers the car. We also have personal property tax which would probably be in the vicinity of $1050 on an '08 vehicle, but it varies by the car’s value and the mil levy in the part of the county one lives in. You need to check with your local DMV or county appraiser’s office to see if the dealer is supposed to collct those taxes, of if you will pay additional taxes when you register the car. A title by itself here is $10. A tag by itself maxes out at about $30. It’s that personal property tax that gets us.

I know here in Ohio, the documentation fees are about $250, and plates $25.50 on new vehicles from the dealership. If they gave you any paper work with the prices listed on it, take a look at it, they might have added some ADP(additional dealer profit) in there.

Here’s another thought: Do you know anyone who bought a car recently? Ask to see their sales receipt and compare the percentages or raw values to see how they match.

OK, I called the DMV and here is the info:

$280 plates, tag, paper registration

$740 sales tax at time of titling 8.3% of my purchase price

$8915 sale Price.

Total: $9935

According to this calculation, they tried to charge me about $800 more. They had some “smooth-talking” guy call me today again. I told him I was looking at other cars. Just out of principal, I can deal with slime used car salespeople. Ick.

I agree with you. Look elsewhere and find someone who respects you. $800 unaccounted for dollars in that category on the sales contract is unacceptable.