How long will the battery last?


How long can the stock stereo in a 2004 Chrysler Town and Country play an FM station at low volume before a fully charged battery is exhausted?


With the variety of electronic car stereos and equally various power consumption rates, plus the various conditions of batteries, especially 3 years old or more, it is truly impossible to say. A lot of stock car radios are still low-powered units that use small amounts of power. However, the premium factory stereo unit in my truck is high-powered, and even at low volume, will use a lot of power. However, I’ve had it on while detailing the truck for as long as a couple of hours, and haven’t run down the battery.


i actually did this two weekends ago.


about 10 hours.

then i had to bum jumper cables from the neighbor.

the lesson:

shut off the key.


Note that this is not good for a starting battery and will kill it if done repeatedly. Even once will take some life out of it.