How long can I drive on a bad camshaft sensor?

I have a 2004 VW Jetta 2.0 how long can I drive with a bad camshaft sensor this started to happen on 1/25/2019 it runs but it won’t let me go over 60 miles per hour will I be fine??

First of all, why are you convinced the camshaft position sensor is bad?

Second, why are you convinced the camshaft position sensor won’t let the car over 60mph?

Might be something completely different

I am a hundred percent sure that it’s the camshaft sensor the ignition time of the car takes longer when I try to turn it on and i had a free check engine light service check and it showed that the problem was the knock sensor and the camshaft sensor I only replaced the knock sensor but the ignition time still had trouble??

More than likely your camshaft sensor is working perfect,

It’s telling you that your timing belt or tensioner is bad and that your camshaft is out of time.

Would also explain why you can’t go over 60, and the knock sensor code.

Just a hint: There is no one in the world that can diagnose a problem 100% until it is fixed. 98% maybe, but that’s if your really good.

@It_s_Me is correct. The camshaft sensor code is not telling you that the sensor is bad.
The computer is telling you that the sensor is reading an error in the parameters that it expects.

No Code tells you to replace a certain part. They only help you diagnose the problem.
Many people make this mistake.

Think of it this way.
The buzzer telling you that the lights are still on, is not telling you to replace the buzzer.




Longer than usual cranking times before starting is a classic symptom of a bad camshaft position sensor

However . . . there are several different kinds of camshaft position sensor codes

Please tell us exactly which code you have

For example P followed by 4 numbers

So your saying that the car is fine all I have to do is figure out what it is and to make I don’t have to stress about anything bad??

I wish people would proof read what they are going to post.

No. We are saying that something is causing the sensor to send info to the computer that is outside of what it expects.

Go back and read The post from @It_s_Me


If you engine doesn’t use variable valve timing, the main purpose of the camshaft sensor is to differentiate the compression from the exhaust stroke, needed for which stroke to fire the spark plug. If the sensor isn’t working the ignition system probably fires the plug on both. This allows the engine to continue to run, that’s the upside, not stranded. The downside is the ignition system is doing twice as much work, so parts like the coils and the igniters may overheat and possibly fail sooner.

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What I don’t understand is, how is anybody able to determine what the actual problem is without knowing the DTC?



I went and had my code ran and it says camshaft position sensor A. Can I drive it for another 10 days until I get paid so I can fix it? Code number P0340 and I have a 2004 Ford Taurus ses

You’ll get better results if you post your problem in a separate thread @Brandon_Alan . Click “maintenance/repairs” above left, then “new topic”, above right.

I have been driving my Mercedes for at least 3 months with issues with can sensor. Car makes a weird noise when i I just start it. But working fine. Mercedes Benz told me I could drive several thousand of miles but they have no crystal ball.

When a cam sensor fails, the computer will substitute a default value so the engine can still run.

This substituted value is programmed to run a richer fuel mixture and retarded ignition timing so damage to the engine doesn’t occur.

But it also has a negative effect on engine performance and fuel economy.