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Camshaft Sensor 01 Vitara

My wife’s 2001 Suzuki Vitara (2.0L DOHC)the other day. I borrowed a code reader from a freind after verifying that the fuel pump was working and that I was not getting a spark at the coil packs. According to the code (P0340) I had a fualty camshaft position sensor. I have replaced the sensor,t but it still doesn’t run. I cleared the code, but after trying to start the car again, the code comes back. Any ideas?

Bad wire connector at the sensor or computer, or bad wire between. Remote possibility bad computer but computers get blamed far too often by people that can’t find the real problem until the put in a new computer and it doesn’t fix anything. If you do want to put in a new (probably refurbished) computer, talk to the dealer and see how much they will charge you to put in a computer and reinstall yours if that doesn’t work. The dealer can put the computer back in stock. An independent mechanic can’t return a computer he bought for your car. My Dodge dealer only wanted an hour labor for this.

Start with a careful inspection of the wiring harness there the CMP sensor plugs in. Spray it out with electronics cleaner. Best to take a multimeter to it to find out if power get there.

The you have to just start tracing the wire back.

This is the one that died suddenly on the way out of the driveway the other day, right? A sudden death like that should have left some kind of “mark” - do an initial visual scan to look for anything obvious - then its just tedium after that.

I’ve checked it with a multimeter and do have power. Don’t see anything obvious.

WHAT did you check with a multimeter–the camshaft position sensor (cps)? You need to check the voltages and resistances AWAY from the cps, at a connector as close to the engine computer as you can get. Of course, you would check the SAME circuits that go between the cps and the engine computer. Also, check the cps shield to ground, to make sure that the shield is grounded.