How likely am I to receive a penalty if I keep out of state plates and insurance for a lengthy amount of time when relocating to another state?

Someone moves to Minnesota and doesn’t register these.

Gee? I wonder what would be cheaper?

Pay the measly fines for a while? Which it looks like they can afford. Or register all these vehicles at once?

You have to look at the big picture George.


I expect that owner values their $$$'s – otherwise they couldn’t afford all those cars and the big garage to store them – so they would pay up immediately when cited. Either that or they’d hire a lawyer to argue their case why the law doesn’t apply to them in court.

I havent been keeping track of the miles. I know I should. If i had to guess, I drive about 32 miles everyday, sometimes more though.

I’ve been refilling with a quart of oil once per week.

Might want to check Minnesota Dnr Regis. It would have been a hassle to have a Mn stickered boat at the cabin in South Dakota because they had a requirement for it to be moved back every so often. 60 or 90 days or something. Not sure about the reverse but Minnesota Dnr is going to want their license fees. These are the guys that confiscate your guns, truck, etc for being over the game limit.


Could be a very long time before anyone notices. If you are on a pontoon boat with loud parties, alcohol and naked girls every Saturday, you will draw attention.

If you drive an old Toyota in a Texas city of 2 million people, you might be invisible.

In my State only the car is thrown in jail (Impound Hell), the Driver/Owner is left on the side of the road.

“I guess I don’t get it. My WI registered speed boat lives in MN, no problem.”

This is more of a Small State problem, where in an hour drive in one direction I can pass through 3 States and 2 major cities and an hour drive in another direction I can repeat with 2 different States.

The problem is that although located close to each other, each of the above States has different Income tax, Sales tax and Vehicle rules
So logically, I’d declare my Tax home in the State with the lowest (or no) Income Tax, buy my car/boat in the State with the lowest (or no) Sales tax and Tax/Register the vehicle in the State with the loosest insurance/inspection/emissions/tax rules.
Pretty attractive approach, all within a 1 hour drive and physically not too difficult to do, which is why “the hammer drops” if you’re caught. Speeding, Marine safety check, Accident, Parking violation tow … “License and registration please?” and the “fun” starts. :sob:

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I’m just saying don’t under estimate the Dnr agents in Minnesota. Prolly 4-5 of us in a truck we’re coming across a private field after a day of duck hunting and stopped by Dnr. Checked everything, guns, game, etc. on private land with the owner driving the truck. We were squeaky clean but the jerk would not have hesitated to impound everything. Another instance way back about 5am in a fish house where the agent made a no knock appearance. These guys play rough so better have your up to date paperwork etc or they’ll take your equipment and vehicle. Perfectly legal

If you’re in an accident involving injury, or worse, and your insurance company finds out you’re living and driving in Texas, they may deny the claim and drop you…
I have low rates because I live and work in a small town. Most of my driving is within 5 miles of my home, and involves very little traffic or interstate travel. So… Very little risk of a major accident.
I would be paying much more if I lived in the city, drove 80 miles/day, and traveled the interstate daily…

Good point, so I did because my car has never had its exhaust tested. Now I see why: I don’t live near Austin, Dallas or Houston. Texas Department of Public Safety - Inspection Criteria for the Annual SAFETY Inspection

Anywhere else in Texas, no emissions testing required.

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We have mn politician who has Wisconsin drivers license. Mn guy but lives in wisc? His kid was driving his car with 2 yr expired tabs and driver had expired license. Cops detected odor of weed from car. Kid called dad at roadside and dad chewed out cops and made a scene. I think car had mn plates but no info on where it is registered. Does his ins co know where he lives? Does he even know? Maybe he forgot.

Yeah I noted that story. Yelling and screaming seems to fit him well harassing the Krull family. I doubt whether he even bothered with insurance. “Do you know who I am?” Yeah we not only know who you are but what you are. Unfortunately the police are under continued attack.

I’ve been in all of those areas multiple times and I think the OP is playing with fire by leaving their vehicle unregistered in TX. Traffic there is nightmarish, high speed, and there are countless jacked up trucks doing 80 when the prevailing speed is 60.

One accident, even if not the OP’s fault, could lead to insurance being denied by both sides. My brother in law drove a gas tanker in the DFW area for a long time and you would not believe what drivers would do to him in that potential rolling inferno. Even earning 6 figures did not ease the aggravation.

The only way I could see this being feasible would be if the OP lived just outside an emissions county and made the commute every day. This may or may not be feasible depending upon job and residence location.

For a long time I commuted 50 miles a day round trip until the economy went bust. After that it became 160 a day and near 200 on days with heavy rain and a certain highway always being flooded/closed. Not fun but you do what you have to do.

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Where is that boat located I could be there by Saturday :wink:

I took the time to write out real life experiences when I was stationed in Texas with the Air Force. It was the 43rd response the OP received…

This OP seem to want someone, anyone, or everyone to cry “poor guy,” how can we help him and he seems to blow off every bit of advice and probably be wind up in Texas, a year later, still trying to get out of following the rules and obeying the law; even telling the state trooper the “He was told…”

I was reading a question on another web site with the OP try to get out of paying a fine because he had “no income” because he was “paid under the table…” Another member wrote in that “He should not be aloud to…” (misspelling “allowed”) and the OP complained that he did not need any “Grammer Nazis” giving him advice. I wrote in, "Then you probably do not want any Spelling Nazis writing in either, it’s “Grammar…”

I’m washing my proverbial hands if this OP, “you can take a person to knowledge, but you cannot make them learn.”

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I have been appreciative of almost every answer I got from this thread. I’ve taken them all into account in order to form my plan of action.

I have never posted on another website asking about how I can get out of a fine. You have me confused with someone else. Did you forget to take your Flinstone vitamin today?

Yes, I did take my Flintstone this morning; it was a Grape Bambam… Thanks for asking.

Now this is my final piece of advice, the fix is never as expensive as the penalty…

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I now have to use a magnifying glass to see if I am getting a Wilma or a Betty.

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Living in a state for long periods of time is not an unusual situation. To keep under the radar you don’t want to change residency. Which could prevent you from voting. You’re going to need to keep a residency in the state you’re coming from along with a valid drivers license. I’ve seen software engineer contractors live in different state for months/years. They didn’t have to register their car here as long as they kept a residence in their home state. Each state may be different.

As for insurance. Insurance is from the state the vehicle is registered in. States regulate insurance companies.

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i think OP does not have a residence in another state he can “use” for paperwork.

Lol, no. My situation is not like that.