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How hard was I hit?

I was driving 2004 monte carlo. ford ranger rear ended me running approx. 60 mph while I was sitting still. curious as to “impact” speed, velocity…unsure how to ask.

Sounds like the impact speed was about 60 MPH.

Maybe you are wondering what amount of engery was transfered? Are you injured and trying to figure out how much force was placed on your body?

Yes, It’s just a point of curiosity. I’m going to a chiroprator and the adjustments are pretty “noisy”. It’s hard to describe to my family and friends just how hard the truck hit when I’m not sure of his speed (we were on the expressway during a hard rain). I know how I feel, like I was scrambled. I remember in school, MANY years ago, about velocity and force…science wasn’t my thing. Thanks for any input.

It’s going to take somebody better in physics than me,to figure what force was placed on your body we are going to have to subtract all the energy disapated by the “crumple zones” in your vehicle and by your seat (and your exact seating position)complicated by how much energy was disapated by your vehicle being pushed.A lot of factors to consider.

It’s hard to describe to my family and friends just how hard the truck hit when I’m not sure of his speed

Not only difficult to describe, but impossible to describe without knowing how fast each of you were going. It would be essentially the same as if you were stopped and were hit from behind with the Ford traveling at your speed difference. But since we don’t know the speed difference (1 mph or 100 mph) there is no way of knowing.

If the Ranger was going 60 mph and your car was stopped, your car was hit REALLY HARD. That’s the scientific term.

Seriously, you’re very lucky. How’s the driver of the Ranger?

"Yes, It’s just a point of curiosity. I’m going to a chiroprator and the adjustments are pretty “noisy”. "

I sure hope you went to a real medical doctor (MD) first and were told everything was OK and there was nothing other than physical therapy they could do for you. Otherwise, you put yourself in jeopardy …

Ask the police if they were part of the investigation. I imagine that you went to the emergency room to get checked. If so, the police definitely were involved. You might also ask your insurer. Is the other driver’s insurance is paying for all your medical needs? They certainly should be, unless you live in a no-fault insurance state.

i’m not sure how he is. they said his truck wasn’t damaged much. sorry to use this forum to try and figure this out. i just know my body feels like i got slammed against a brick wall. i went to my doc. had xrays. that’s why i waited to go to a chiro. wnated to get checked out by “real” docs first. no offense to any chiros out there. thanks for info. gotta get back to ice pack and heating pad.

It is not unusual for people to ask questions about car accidents they had,many people who write on the Forum have science backgrounds,a little “exercise” for them.

I don’t want to alarm you but, if the accident was severe enough, medical problems could pop up later (detached retina and worse) that may not show up right off. Make sure everything is legally and medically in order and you sign off on NOTHING, Legal council is easy to recommend but not always affordable. If there is a local free legal service, I’d take advantage of it. Continue with your primary care MD and regular check ups just to make sure.
Sorry for the “worry wart” advice.

IMO, your question about “how hard was I hit” is beside the point (and nearly impossible to determine). You’re hurt, and you need to get better, and the other driver’s insurance needs to pay for it.
I don’t know what state you live in, but if you don’t live in a no-fault state, then legal counsel is a superb idea. You don’t typically pay personal injury attorneys out of your own pocket; they usually work on a contingent-fee basis. That is, if they obtain money for you, they get paid out of the settlement or judgment. If they can’t help you, they don’t get paid. If you need a referral go to the American Association for Justice’s website ( to find an attorney in your area who works primarily on behalf of injured people (rather than on behalf of insurance companies).

You’ve already told us the impact velocity. The energy expended will be the mass x the velocity squared. How much did the ranger weigh?

As oldschool said, much of that energy was converted into heat energy by the crunchin of the metal amd the skidding of your tires. And the airbag, the seatbelts, etc.

The best decription for your family and friends is a photo. Can you get one of your vehicle?