How hard is it to bypass/fix a security starting problem on a 1997 buick lesabre?

There is a 97 lesabre for sale at a auction and it has 182K and seems good except for a security light and starting issue. The bid last week was $400. which got my attention. It did not sell, so I looked at it after the sale and it started and drove good, but then it will not restart(I only got it started once, then it would not restart. It has gone through the sale 2 weeks now, week 1 the high bid was $450, week 2 it was $400. They want more than this for it, but I figured I could be the high bidder and see if I get it. I bet if I bid $450. or $500. I would be the high bid on it, I might have to go a little higher to actually get it. How hard is it to bypass the security system or fix it properly, either by myself or legitimaly at a mechanic? Is it cheap or expensive to fix security problems? I am a individual that buys and fixes and sell cars for profit. Here are the symptoms of the starting issue: the 1st week it drove through the auction bay and ran good, but then it died and just cranked a few times, then they pushed it out . The 2nd week it drove fine through the bay, then when I went out to look at it afterwards, it started up then after I drove it, it would not restart. The security light I believe was on when driving, and when I tried to restart it, it had various symptoms, from just clicking once to cranking. It can just click or crank and then it might start. Normally I would think it needed a starter, but the security light is throwing me off, also it did die last week. Basically, does a security problem cause a car to (die/ just crank/ not crank at all), because all of these symptoms are present along with the security light.

It may have more than one issue…$400 would be top dollar for this car…Factory anti-theft systems can be complex and cost more than the car is worth to fix, IF you can get the required parts…Body control module, engine control module, anti-theft module…They are all interconnected…

I can’t remember which security system GM put in the LeSabre in 1997. If the car has a key with a resistor pellet in it (I’m pretty sure this one does), the most common cause of security system issues is the wiring to the lock cylinder that reads the resistance of the pellet. The lock cylinder is fairly inexpensive and easy to install (for someone who has done them, for the uninitiated it can be intimidating disassembling the steering column to get to it). I also believe you will have to either have the new cylinder coded by a locksmith or have a locksmith cut a “chip” key to the new pattern using a blank with the proper pellet in it. No big deal since they cost around ten bucks these days. If you have this system and wish to disable it permanently, you need to get the car to start, locate the VATS module located in or near the passenger side kick panel (make 100% positive it’s the VATS module!!!), and unplug it with the engine running. Shut off the engine and plug the module back in (or chuck it in the trash if the car will start without it. I don’t remember if the module has to go back in or not, it’s been years since I’ve disabled one of those in this manner). Your security light will be on forever, but you will no longer have any issues with the system not allowing the car to start. You will also be able to use duplicate keys without the resistor pellet, and they will work, so no more going to a locksmith and paying ten bucks a key when you need extras.

On the other hand, if this car has a double sided key with no resistor pellet, it most likely has the Passlock security system. This system can be worked around with a little bit of electrical work, or repaired, typically for a few hundred bucks. Usually, the ignition switch goes bad on those systems, and they are expensive. An Internet search for “bypass GM Passlock system” will likely turn up some useful information if this is what you are dealing with.

I would keep looking for another vehicle. Security system problems can be a bear to fix and expensive to boot. These kinds of problems are exactly what you don’t need in the middle of a snowstorm out in the boonies.

If you know what you are doing it isn’t hard to bypass it…There is a WEALTH Of info on this on the inet…(Mark9207 is correct) GM vehicles are and have been plagued with security issues for so long that there are a TON of websites dedicated to getting around the issue. I personally wouldn’t be afraid of it…However I did do Auto electronic installation as a professional for 10+ years…so I am a bit more tolerant of these types of things… That being said, I can tell you that it really is NOT that difficult to disable the system… I’d give it a 5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale