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How frequently?OIl Changes for 2009 Rav 4

I took my Rav4 into a different dealrship to get my scheduled oil change. I asked for an oil change and for my tires to be rotated (as per the checklist in the book I recieved with the Rav).

The Service agent told me I should be getting my oil changed every 3700 miles rather than the 5000 that is in the service book. He also informed me that this is because no one really has “normal” wear on their car that is what the 5000 miles was written for in the book. He told me unless you basically are on freeways for hundreds of miles, not city driving the book is inaccurate for the maintenance of the car. For the record I live in the suburbs of Chicago, not in the city.

Is he right?

Or was I being taken as a female?

I would appreciate input and advise.

Thank you

Read the discussion in the owner’s manual and decide for yourself. I have always used the normal service schedule for my vehicles. This rep seems to be implying that Chicago commuting is severe service. Basically he gets about 30% more oil changes out of you through his recommendation.

The little bit of commuting I have done as a visitor wasn’t severe service in my book, but it might be for you. I would carefully read the owner’s manual before deciding. I happen to be comfortable at 5K miles for my vehicles, but I do have a commute with plenty of warm driving and very little stop and go.

Read the discussion in the owner’s manual and decide for yourself.

That is worth repeating.

Your owners’ manual should have schedules for various use conditions including “severe operating”. If your driving is mostly in the city you may want to follow that schedule. If your driving is mostly in the suburbs that should not pertain to you.

And do keep in mind that often times normal driving is considered severe by manufacturers, while only people who spend their life driving long distances (traveling salesman, etc) are considered “normal drivers.”

That’s for marketing reasons. Sounds much better if they can say in their literature “you only have to change the oil every 5 thousand!” instead of “change it every 3.”

Point well made.

There’s also the “security buffer”…if in doubt, change it out. You’ll sleep better. Oil is cheap, engines are expensive.

Thank you,
all replies have been helpful and give me peace of mind. I will definitely read into the owner’s manual to see if there is specification about type of driving for oil changes. Currently I just went over 20,000 miles and was following the manual that was given at purchase. I also have a warranty on the Rav so I want to make sure the servicing is up to standards. I always take to a dealer, I guess I should just stick to the dealer who has been servicing it in the past to keep it consistent. I just thought to try a dealer closer to home, but if he is going to do things his way, rather than the way the manual states, maybe htat should have been my first red flag.
Thank you all,

What your dealer said is interesting. I just received a revised maintenance schedule in the mail today for my 2011 Toyota Sienna. The revised schedule only calls for an oil change every 10,000 miles or once a year to keep the warranty in effect. The claim is that the synthetic 0W-20 oil should be good for this distance. The dealer’s service manager told me this when I went in for an oil change at 5000 miles.

For the past 11 years my Toyota dealership has followed the maintenance schedule to the letter with no deviations. They provide each customer with a print out of what was done and what is going to be done at the next check with prices…Brewer Maine for those interested. As a RAV owner since 1997 have always changed oil at or about 5000 miles…