2016 Toyota Highlander service schedule?

I drive a Toyota Highlander 2016 gas engine in New York City for uber, my mechanic recommended to change the oil every 5,000 miles even though is a synthetic oil Mobil 1, the car’s manual said every 10,000 miles…who’s right?

If you were to look in the most unread book in the world ( the vehicle owners manual ) you would see that you qualify for severe service . Your mechanic is looking out for you.


I agree with Volvo. Look in your owner’s manual under the “Severe” schedule (completely follow this schedule, not just for oil changes). You do want to change you oil more often as city driving is far more damaging to oil than highway driving is

I have a 2014 Highlander and I change my oil every 5k miles. I’m not convinced 10k oil change intervals will let me keep my Highlander 300k miles. I know 5k will…I’ve owned several vehicles that prove that.

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As a fellow Highlander owner, I say change it on the more frequent schedule. Oil changes are cheap and rotate the tires while you have it in. I’ve done that now for 11 years and my Highlander has never had any engine issues and the tires all wore evenly (with not one single alignment).

I concur w/most of the posters above, 5000 miles. More frequent change-outs can only help preserve the engine, and will never hurt. Excepting your pocket book of course. It’s a compromise, but I think 5000 miles is nearer the sweet spot.

Driving in New York City is always severe service for your entire vehicle! Having said that, taxis are probably on the 10,000 mile schedule because they have very few cold starts per 10,000 miles, the main reason for the shorter interval. One cold start equals 500 miles of wear!

Agree, you dealer is giving you good advice.

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Owners manual is your best friend

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