How far can you get in a hybrid?

I’m looking at hybrids and considering a Camry but just wanted a reality check on mileage and cost. Anybody have any experience?

This information is available at:

Click on a year (2006 - 2009), toyota, and Camry hybrid. You will see that the average mileage is 36.6 MPG from real drivers. The tank holds 17.2 gallons. You can go 629.5 miles before the tank runs dry. I wouldn’t push it much past 575 miles, though.

That’s a good link, one person’s experience won’t be a good indicator.

If you’re considering the Camry, you might also take a look at the Fusion.

IF you drive that slow for all those miles.
YOUR reality will differ.

Consider your everyday home-work-lunch-work-home routine. Do you drive slowly most of the time or is it pedal-to-the-metal and hiway driving ? ( I have an 06 Ford Escape hybrid and my average fuel economy on it’s computer shows only 24 mpg. I just don’t drive that slow, that often. )

How many miles do you drive each year? How long do you keep your cars before buying another car?

Before you pay for a hybrid, you should do a break even analysis to see how long you will need to keep the car and how many miles you would have to drive it before you break even on the extra cost of a Camry hybrid vs. a normal Camry. With $4/gallon gas, the hybrid would probably be worth it, but at $2.50/gallon, I am not so sure. It all depends on how many miles you drive and how long you plan to keep the car.

Do you mean, “How far can you get on a tankful of gas?” Or “How long will a hybrid last?” Or, “How far can you drive on batteries only?”

In general, it takes many years to pay back the price premium for a hybrid over a similar non-hybrid vehicle.

Gas mileage, as always, varies according to how and where the vehicle is driven.