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I don’t think there was ever a “feature” I hated as much in a car as vacuum wipers.

I first experienced them in a Chevy I was driving at 16 because the young woman who owned it was afraid to drive it on a 500 mile trip through two lane roads through the PA mountains on a dark rainy night.

At 16, I didn’t have the sense to be afraid of anything, but when I lifter my foot after passing a car uphill withe the wipers frozen into immobility by low vacuum, just in time to see I was heading into a T intersection at 60 mph.

I swore then and there that I would never buy a car with vacuum wipers.

The best wiper controls I ever had were on my 56 Desoto. It had a rheostat so you could make the wipers go any speed you wanted from a slow crawl to incredibly fast.