How do you replace a front wheel drive transmission?



I have a 99 Pontiac Grand Am GT w/ Ram Air. I bought the car for really cheap but the transmission was dead. I am trying to replace it with my dad, but it is front wheel drive and nobody knows how. Thanks


Your best bet is to spend 20 bucks on a Haynes manual (not Chiltons). It should lay out all of the steps in there as it’s a fairly complicated process.

You will also need a jack to support the engine along with one to lower the transmission on.
If you do not have 2 jacks then you will need to make an engine bay support and use a chain to support the engine weight when the transmission, and it’s mount, are removed.


A word of extreme caution. You may need an engine hoist to support the engine. A lot of FWD GMs use 4 motor mounts, and three are attached to the transmission.


I agree 100%. I wouldn’t even attempt this without a Haynes manual, or a factory manual for your car. Get a manual and read through the procedure before you decide whether or not to do this at home.