How do you clean your detailing rags?

After you wash, polish/wax your car, how do you get your washing cloths (microfiber towels, etc.) clean? I wash them in the washer, but they are still stained and appear dirty. What to do? use?


You have to use special soap to clean microfiber towels, otherwise they will get clogged and stop working correctly. Never use a fabric softener. You also have to either air dry them or set them on a cool or warm drying cycle in the dryer. Using the regular dryer temperature will melt the fibers and damage the towel. The soap that we use is called Micro-Restore. You can read about it here:

The only reusable items I use are sponges and chamois for drying, and both will hand wash and air dry adequately until they fall apart. Any other rags, I reuse them down the “hierarchy of filth”, with grease ands tar at the bottom end, then toss them. And, they are actual rags, for the most part.