Automated car washes


when I bought a new car the dealer advised never to run thru a automatic car wash that was not touchless–since they could scratch the paint–the newer car washes appear to be ok to run through, but wondering if anyone has had a problem with scratches from those car washes—


Those things will beat the stuffing out of your car. Your dealer has advised you well.

When my first pickup got old I’d run it through a local car wash occasionally to get the winter crap off. It’s brutality to your finish.


I agree with the dealer. Use a touch-free wash only.


I mistakenly went through one with spinning brushes with my Suburban - it even scratched the mirrors! Do NOT use the rotatiing ‘brush’ type automated washes.


If you truly value your car’s finish, always wash it by hand. First hose it down, then use a cotton mitt and a bucket of warm water. No soap – it will remove that wax you worked so hard to apply. You can put a few drops of car wash in the bucket after you finished with the car to wash the wheels and tires (use a different sponge, not the car wash mitt). Rise off and dry with The Absorber. Twice a year use Mother’s Clay Bar system, then wax it.

I’ve been doing this with all my cars and they still look brand new after 12 years. Rotating brush automatic car washes will ruin your paint. The high-pressure “touch-less” washes are no better – they sand blast the paint. Most car washes recycle their water – good for the water, bad for your car. Not all of the impurities are filtered out.