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How do you call your sister-in-law's husband?

Heard Tom and Ray pondering this one.

Well, we have a term for it in India - “co-brother”

Brother-in-law once removed?

The guy who tricked my sister-in-law?

“What the heck was she thinking?”

How do I call him?
Most of the time, I just use the telephone.


I’m a country boy - I yodel.

If she’s your sister in law, wouldn’t her husband be your brother?

Sounds like that old song “I’m my own grandpa” by Lonzo & Oscar.

I will call him by his name… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not if she’s your wife’s sister. (Ray Stevens remix)

On a private cell phone that she has no knowledge of?

That’s only if you’re female…

We don’t really have such a word in English. I think in Mexican Spanish, they do, though it is confusing. Concu?o.

Not sure if we need one in English. We don’t even have a word for second person plural except You-all (y’all).