How do I reset OBD 2 computer for 96' Ford Ranger 4 cylinder

Hi, How do I reset my OBD 2 computer for 96’ Ford Ranger 4 cylinder? I am told that there is a protocol that is different with each vehicle. I need the one for the 96’ Ford Ranger with the Mazda 2.3 (3.2?) 4 cylinder. I asked this question before and got a lot of extraneous information. I don’t need to be advised to buy an old car without computers. Nor do I need a recipe for apple pie. Just the reset protocol for the Ford. Thanks

If you have access to an OBD 2 code reader you should be able to reset the computer with the reader.

Alternatively, disconnect the negative battery cable for an hour or so. That should do it.

Go to one of the carpart stores that pulls OBD II codes for free. Have them pull the codes then reset your CEL. I’ve heard that just diconnecting your battery may not remove codes set in your ECM on OBD II system.

Fords usually reset if you disconnect the battery for 30 seconds…