How do I make sure the buyer of my used vehicle registers it in his/her name?


That sounds like a pretty backwards and inefficient way of doing things

Yes it is, but I had no hand in designing it. It also gives you no way to make absolutely sure you won’t have to straighten out a mess later when someone doesn’t register the car you sold them


Personally, I would always feel better with a notarized bill of sale signed off on by both parties. Seeing as how state laws vary so much it’s quite possible for someone to end up in big trouble if an accident or crime is involved shortly after handing the car over and before any paperwork is processed.

You can also get stuck with toll charges and red light camera tickets.

MA is similar to what oldtimer 11 posted.
You can’t cancel the insurance until the RMV records the plates as being returned. No big deal, takes a few minutes to return them in person. You can call your insurance agent immediately afterward to have it removed.

The local municipality has forms to fill out if you want to recover the remainder of your unused excise tax already paid for the year.

I actually liked the regimented process. No guesswork for little investment in time. No worrying about tickets, accidents or other fees because the plates and registration have been cancelled. My BOS completes the picture for ownership transfer if the car is found abandoned and the authorities come nosing around…