How do I know if I'm being ripped off?

So, I took my car into get a regular oil change today with no other issues to be looked at. When I came to pick it up, the mechanic there was a small oil leak that they are going to patch up on Monday because they ran dye through the system to see where the leak is coming from. No problem. Then, they said I was having an issue with my power steering and that my car was making a strange screeching noise when taking sharp turns. My car has NEVER made this noise until today when I took it into the shop. What could possibly have happened?

I don’t like the idea that a shop did a dye test for a leak without asking you if you wanted the leak investigated, not standard policy. Have you been noticing oil on the ground where you park? Why could they not find the leak without dye? Using dye to find engine oil leaks is rare for me (I have never had to do this).OH where is the leak from?

Did you do a re-check of power steering fluid level? how about power steering belt condition and tension? Your instincts are good, go elsewhere.

Did you take the car to an independent mechanic, a Subaru dealer, or to an “oil change place?”

You don’t need dye to find an oil leak, and I don’t know why they’d start doing work you didn’t ask for.

Sounds to me like a fishing expedition.

Your post said your car made that noise TODAY when you took it into their shop. If so, how could they have caused it ? Did you hear the noise before they worked on it or not?

Good point. Did the shop find the noise or did you experience it on the way to the shop? Correct me if I am wrong but on some cars if you crank the steerning wheel as far as it goes then it will make a noise like a screech.

Why run dye when you didn’t ask them too? And how sharp of a turn, it could you don’t turn that sharp and were they applying presser to the steering wheel when they conducted this test? Was the fluid low?

What could have happened, they could have removed some power-steering fluid or replaced it with something else, as far as the dye goes, how do you know they put it in? They could have simply said they did and that you have a leak. They didn’t tell you were the leak was did they?

If you are having questions then get a second opinion.

Knowing all of the details behind a complaint, even the minutae, can sometimes cause the story to go 180 the other way.
Case in point; the recent story about the lousy Mercedes and the non-cooperative dealer.

It will only make a noise likea screech if there is something wrong, this is not normal.

As always we must be aware that certain posts are constructed to lead us to a certain desired conclusion.

While it may not be true in this case, I’ve often wondered how often someone posts a complaint with an incomplete story, picks out the responses that match their already made up mind, and then present that as fact to their family, friends, or by even going back to the shop and saying that see, you did rip me off.

That matches my theory of many of these posts.

Hard to say what happened only where you are at now. A second opinion from a decent mechanic will let you know if you are getting ripped off.