How do I get rid of that smell?!

I went running one day with a buddy and when we were done we drove my car back to my place. Ever since then my car smells like sweat any time i turn on the a/c. if the a/c is off or the heater is on it smells just fine. this is a 2007 chevy cobalt, any suggestions?

Why are you running when you have a car to drive? (I’m jealous, because I loved to run, but I developed a heel spur and have been told that my running days are over). If the air conditioning is being run in fresh air mode and not recirculate mode and you get the smell, I would try some spray that is sold by auto parts stores that kills odors in air conditioning evaporator coils. One sprays this into the fresh air intake outside the car. If you are running the air conditioning in recirculate mode, run in in the mode that brings fresh air through the evaporator coils.

Thank you! I’ll do a nice run through the park for you.

I’m assuming you have cloth seats???

Clean the seats…Use a cleaner. When the seats are dry spray on Scotchguard. The Scotchguard will prevent it from happening again.

I suggest that it is either of the two suggestions that have been given and I would start with the first as the most likely.