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How do I change the antifreeze on a 97 skylark?

Granddaughter has a 97 Skylark that has no radiator cap,just a reservoir cap. I know I can drain it with the lower radiator hose but how do I flush and refill it?

The most straightforward thing is probably to use one of those flush & fill kits - they come with instructions for various radiator set ups.

But it still must have a reservoir. That is normally where you’re supposed to fill those things - I think.

My daughter has the same car. See if you can get a Haynes manual or similar, library’s usually have them. The Haynes manual says to disconnect the reservoir and use a garden hose in the top of the radiator until the bottom drains clear. Cigroller makes a good point to get a kit as the garden hose won’t clean out the passages in the engine.

Thanks, that makes sense.