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How do I build my own "Unique" car from scratch - the Thunder Machine?

I am a G.I. Joe fanatic. I have thought about turning one of the toy vehicles into a full-size, real life cars. I am thinking about the Dreadnok Thunder Machine. See a few pics here:



Yes, those are huge machine guns on the front and a jet engine on the back. But I still want it to be street legal, and self-powered, though for use with car shows, too.

Any ideas on the type of car body I could use, parts, or how to put together some of the more unique parts?

I’d do what the monster truck people do, find an old 4X4 chassis and build the rest on top. Looks like an old 4WD pickup or Jeep Wagoneer or such would provide a chassis and drive train. You can buy surplus jet engines out of military helicopters. You probably wouldn’t want to use the jet for on-road propulsion, but keep the old truck engine under the cowling that holds up those machine guns. Of course, those would have to be non-functional.

Good luck.

The front end looks like a Firebird or Camaro. But you need the body for structural rigidity. I agree with Ranck about the truck frame, or you could use a custom tubular frame. Since it’s a rear engine car, you might want to use a custom frame.