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How do Bilstein shocks ride for a sedan? (They make a KIT for my car.)

That’s the kit they make for the 2007 Corolla. It will still need a new strut mount, boots, and other accessories but Bilstein claims that it’s a perfect match of spring and shocks.

It lowers the car by a single inch and I’m just itching for something different.

The roads are pretty rough here in NYC.

on the other hand… I have to worry about how this affects camber…

Bilstein shocks are a premium brand. They will ride no worse than any other shock on the market.

OK, one inch less shock travel, money spent to adapt a 10 year old Corolla, possible turning wheel clearance on the front and rough roads and pot holes. Why would you do that ?


While Bilstein offers this kit, why would you put it on a 10 year old Corolla? These are designed as sporting upgrades for the car. Stiffer, lower, more damping. Is that what you are really after? This is, in no way, a more plush ride. If you want to take the car autocrossing or hitting the twisty country roads for a spirited drive, go for it but install new mounts and jounce bumpers for sure. You can adjust camber on these cars with a “crash-bolt” kit to fix the additional camber you will get when you lower the car.

If you are looking to improve the actual ride of the car I’d suggest KYB struts all around. Should generally ride better and I like their quality. If your springs are rusty and/or broken, install new springs as well as new mounts, jounce bumpers and boots. These can be purchased complete with new springs mounts, boots ect, for an easy bolt-in installation. Probably a better option for you.

Or you can buy just the Bilstein struts for use with the Toyota springs. All that stuff is listed here on Tire Rack’s site

That’s 3 non-endorsements. Good to know :slight_smile:

I’ve put on two sets of Bilsteins. The first on a VW GTI where I wanted the firmer ride. The second on a Suburban to better control the ride. Both worked out great. That said, I agree that KYBs would be better for your Corolla.

That places the undercarriage one inch closer to banging the ground when you go over speed bumps, weather-damaged roads, and potholes. I don’t see that as an improvement.

If you’re itching for something different, how about a radical rear deck spoiler? Or sideskirts? Or a scoop? None of these will affect performance in the real world (the Bilsteins probably won’t either) but they won’t subject the car to damage on your daily drives.


Thanks for the input, I am considerably less enthused now. A myriad of possible headaches to be avoided.