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How’d my 2005 BMW X5 get stolen and vandalized without a key?


My car was stolen, and smashed up and vandalized . And it was done without the key …??? Can you please tell me how this is possible ? No visual damage to key ignition or steering column ???

The police or your insurance company might be the best folks to ask

People have been stealing cars forever.

Your BMW can be stolen by any idiot with a $30 hacking kit


Is the car equipped with a key that has some sort of security encoded device? Or is it just a standard metal key? i.e. could a new key be made just by reproducing it with a plain old key cutting machine? Or is an special electronic-encoded key required and reprogramming involved?

I believe that it is a security cut key with immobilizer system and someone has an extra key. Neither the police or the insurance company will be interested in hunting down the suspect for a 15 year old vehicle theft in my area, it is just another car theft.

I am not sure about the answer to your question, but the key for my 03 chevy was getting iffy, had to do the jiggle dance to get it to work, Took my vin into a chevy dealer, and for $10 they cut a new key by code. Worked great and had them cut 2 more. Interesting thought if you want to steal a chevy.

Keyless relay theft, it’s a massive issue in the UK.

Two thieves work together, one stands by the front door with a device that picks up the signal from the car’s key fob & boosts the signal to a second device held by the second thief who stands next to the car.

The devices fool the car into thinking the key is present & unlocks the car. Push button start & away they go, all in a matter of seconds!

I’d recommend putting your car keys into a Faraday pouch which prevent the signal being picked up.

There has to be a story behind that screen name.


That’s how…