How cold should the A/C be -- '08 Civic

I came to the Site to see what’s new in the past few hours, and was intrigued by the title of this thread. My daughter just left in an '08 Civic (with new front rotors and pads and new brake fluid; daughter is here one day a week, and I use that day to have my trusted indy mechanic take care of stuff).

So I clicked on the thread to see what’s up with '08 Civic A/C … and discovered that it’s the thread I started 13 months ago. Wow!

Well, the A/C has been OK. It was beastly hot last Summer. I don’t remember if I checked the blend door, but I’ll look next week. (There’s a lot of things I don’t remember anymore.)

Thanks again for all the advice 13 months ago. I troll the Site for the education and entertainment.

@DMorgan, span doesn’t work too well on this site.