How China's "36th Best" car company saved Volvo

Geely undoubtedly makes poor-quality, low-end cars for the Chinese populace, but their financing–and lack of interference–has apparently saved Volvo.

Is there a Cliff Notes version of the article and without all the other Bloomberg propaganda?

Just shooting from the hip I’d say there was nothing wrong with Volvo as a low volume niche product that just didn’t have broad appeal for a larger piece of the pie. Nothing a little infusion of cash couldn’t accommodate.

I do see quite a few Volvo semi tractors on the road though that I’m not quite sure why. They used to be the brand that were hard to maintain and repair so something must have changed.

Thats pretty much what the article said. Geely gave Volvo a lot of money and turned them loose, as well as building three Volvo factories in China.

Volvo makes great buses. Quite some time ago, I posted about ADO, a top bus line in Mexico, buying a lot of new Volvo buses. I have ridden on them, and simply enjoy the sound of those Volvo diesels climbing steep mountain roads, shifting up as they climb. One example is climbing out of Mexico City going east to Puebla.

I am prejudiced but prefer the Volvo buses to Mercedes Benz.