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How can you tell if the mechanic has a clue?

If you need to have work done on your car what are some suggestions or things someone can do to see if the place you take your car has someone who is knowledgeable and not a crook?

ask for references from someone you know, professional crooks are tough to spot.

First thing, go to the Cartalk mechanic finder:

Also, ask around for references from folks who know cars.

If the mechanic can guarantee absolutely how much time the job will take he certainly has done the work before

The best way IMHO is to ask everyone you know, family, friends, coworkers, who they use and who they’ve had a bad experience with. Chances are that common names will float to the top in both categories.

Shop owners who take pride in their work will also take pride in a well equipped, clean and organized shop.

If the parking area has lots of vehicles in it shows a busy shop.

When I went in search of a good reliable shop and techs, not only did I speak with relatives and neighbors but also talked with current customers as they picked up their vehicle.

That fact that our boys in blue were getting their patrol cars serviced there didn’t hurt either.