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1995 dodge ram 1500 pick up 2 wheel sport 318 auto… was occasionally spiking above 200 degrees on gage at first thermostat opening of the day… the past weekend had it running consistantly above 200 a liitle bit. took it in to goodyear and had them put a new thermostat and both temp sensors…they couldnt get it under 230 degrees, so they kept it another day and swithed out one of the sending units that they just replaced. they call it fixed but its now running about 5 to ten degrees warmer than when i brought it in initially. they say it was squared away/ok, that they checked the voltage of the sending units. im vary unhappy,but im not wanting to make enemies…

Making an enemy of a tire chain store is not a bad thing. Talk to people in your area an find a good local mechanic. They are a pearl beyond price. They might even sell you tires cheaper than the chain. Some of the national tire places are charging $40 - $50 above their advertised price per tire before you get out the door. Your temp. problem could be a bad relay. Some Chrysler products had two control systems for cooling. One to operate at normal temp and one that took over at a higher temp if the first on failed. I don’t know if yours is like that but my 87 K-car was.