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Hot Volvo

My 1995 Volvo 940 with 95,000 miles is getting really hot. My wife and I just drove 80 miles home from Orlando and the passenger side floor was REALLY hot by the console. Any ideas?

plugged cat, which would make the exhaust lines hotter

Another possibility is a missing heat shield.

I guess the big question is whether a “plugged cat” or “missing heat shield” is going to be dangerous. The car rarely gets driven more than 10 miles at a shot but is the sole transportation for my wife and two small children.

It’s potentially dangerous and damaging to the engine. You’ll want to get it looked at.

Thanks, will do asap.

It turns out that a the a/c drain pan was leaking and water was collecting on the floor of the car. The floor became one big water heater. Once the leak was fixed the problem went away.