Hot babe in a 2001 Dodge cargo van

OK got your attention - now down to business. I am the original owner of a 2001 Dodge Ram cargo van and within two miles of driving (sometimes this happens while in the driveway)the engine bogs with popping noise which lasts less than one minute. These episodes are unpredictable - I can drive the van for a month without the bog happening. Otherwise the van runs like new.

No idea how to help you.

I thought the post was about an AC problem with a baby in the car…

Thanks for the attempt.

Exactly where my mind went,what a coincidence.

I would say we are a pretty conservative Forum when it comes to the “hot babe” attention getting technique. What gets my attention is a well written post complete with all data, “hot babe” is not so important.

To answer your question, my first thought is electrical leakage from a cracked secondary wire. You can check for this with a visual inspection or better yet you can spray the wires with a water filled spray bottle and look for the sparks (at night).

Are you up to date on all services?

You Got My Attention, Though! I Clicked Just To See If There Were Pictures.

Anyhow, nice going, Tammy. When you say “bogs” with popping noise, does the vehicle struggle to maintain speed or slow down, way down? Is the popping noise faint (not very audible) or quite noisy?

Do you know what pre-ignition or “spark knock” sounds like? It’s more like a tinking or pinging sound.

When it does this in the driveway, is it after driving or before? I’m a bit confused. Does it usually take acouple of miles to begin or only during the first couple of miles? I guess what’s important is whether it happens when the van is “cold” or “warmed up”, or doesn’t that matter?

Driveway? Here’s one to think about, now. Is it possible that going up a hill or an incline, where the van has to work a little, starts it bogging and popping?


Old School thanks for the response. I have to say I posted my question a few weeks ago without using the “Hot babe” in the title and no one gave me a response, so this time I became more resourceful.

Electrial leakage from a cracked secondary wire - ok I am not the most mechanical person but as I have stated I am resourceful and will try your suggestion but first a few questions:
Where is the secondary wire?
Of course the engine will be on and in park - right?

Yes I am up to date on all services (all performed at the dealership) and the dealership service people tell me there is no problem with the van as it does not happen when they have the van.


CSA thanks for the response. Pictures, well I am sure you know what a cargo van looks like.

Yes when the van bogs it struggles to maintain speed and slows down almost stalling and if I give it gas it seems to make the bog worse. The popping noise can be faint or sound like popcorn in the microwave. There are no tinking or pinging sounds.

The bog can happen after the van has sat (not running) for 30 minutes. As I come to think of it the bog may not be related to distance traveled but to time because the bog has happened within 2 minutes of starting the engine while the van was in park in the driveway. Once the van has it’s bog experience it runs great. The van can go for a month without the bog than it will bog twice in one day (after engine is turned off and van has rested for 30 minutes).

There is no patteren to the bog attack: weather, day, night, AC on/off, heater on/off, headlights on/off, gas tank full or quarter full, incline, decline. One thing that does happen I have noticed is at night when the bog happens the headlights dim.

Appreciate any advice.

It sounds to me like intermittant fuel starvation. You may want to check (have checked) the fuel filter, the fuel pump, and the fuel pressure regulator.

Fuel starvation can also occur with choking off of the line through which the gas tank breaths in via the charcoal canister. When this recurrs, try removing the gas cap and see if the condition goes away.

Post back.

Yes Tammy, I Surely Do Know What A Cargo Van Looks Like. You Got Me, Again. I’ve Been Outwitted.

Tammy, let me ask the guys (men and women) a question.

I’m picking up vibes from the recent statement, " One thing that does happen I have noticed is at night when the bog happens the headlights dim."

Hey guys, what do you think about a battery connection breakdown or a poor and/or intermittent “ground” problem. Could a cable be breaking down, corroded, loose, etcetera? What do you think? Is there any consensus for this theory?

Maybe tammy should start at the battery and remove carefully (proper procedures must be known to avoid damaging the van or one’s self) and thoroughly clean connections prior to resecuring them. Also, check any ground straps from engine/transmission, etcetera, to body/frame for condition.

If this was my car, I’d try installing a jumper cable from the negative (-) post of the battery (usually the black wire) to a good clean spot on the engine to create another ground (assuming the battery cable to battery connection is any good) while this is happening or just temporarily install it. Don’t try this at home or away from home if you don’t know how to do it safely. Just go with the cleaning and inspecting everything.

Any consensus, out there?