Hot '98 Lincoln Town Car, Literally

Im in the problem of changing the blend doors on my 1998 Lincoln Town and so far I have a general idea but the dealer was not centain on the technique of how to remove the original doors … if you can shed some light on their removal and replacement it would be much appreciated…

Thank You,

Gilbert Tracy

You mean the blend DOOR not DOORS, right? The one that controls the HVAC temperature by controlling air flow over the heater core? You start by unhooking and pulling back the dashboard. The whole job will take some one with experience a few hours, 3 at the least. You may be able to replace the actuator without pulling the dash if that is the problem.

You’re going to need a service manual, such as Haynes or a Ford factory manual, for this job. Replacing the blend door probably isn’t that difficult, but getting to the blend door may be a nightmare. I wouldn’t be surprised if this requires removing most, if not all, of the dashboard.

It’s doable with the proper instructions, but very difficult without.

Buy a manual. It will make your life, and this project, much easier. Try Books4Cars,com for an inexpensive used manual.