Blowing Hot Air

my 1996 lincoln town car blows hot air no matter what temperature I chose on the digital climate control. I flushed the radiator and replaced the coolant. What could be wrong?

I think (not 100% sure off the top of my head) that this car has an electrically operated blend door in the dashboard and it is controlled by the electronic control unit. The fault probably lies with either the blend actuator or the EATC unit itself.

Unfortunately, the system is a bit involved and it will probably require a good factory type manual to troubleshoot the problem. The alternative is pretty much searching and poking and that can go on forever. Chiltons and Haynes manuals will be worthless for this procedure.

I do not have a Town Car manual here but do have a Lincoln Mark series Helm manual. The systems are very similar and use many interchangeable parts but the Helm manuals do not provide troubleshooting tips; they only provide wiring schematics.
The blend door actuator has half a dozen wires which all go back to the EATC unit so you can see that determining the exact problem could be a bit difficult.

Very good advice from OK4450. The blend door is controlled electrically by the EATC module. One easy thing to check is fuse #1 in the dash fuse panel. It ties to the blend door motor. You may get lucky and have a bad fuse there and just replacing it will get things going. There is usually a problem associated with a blown fuse though.