Hose between Hydraulic reservoir and clutch master cylinder

I replaced my clutch master cylinder recently. The hose connecting it to the hydraulic fluid reservoir looks in pretty bad shape. I got it back on and it doesn’t leak.

I went to a national auto parts chain and asked for a replacement for it and they gave me radiator drain hose. The old hose had a braided shroud and this is just plain black. Is this the correct type of hose to use?

This is an excellent question. Brake fluid wont usually corrode rubber, for instance there are rubber boots on the cylinders, and rubber O-rings inside the cylinders. I dont know about the formulation of the rubber in those components though. For all I know they may be made specifically for resistance to dot-3. You might want to do a pre-test by soaking the hose in fluid, but if this is a long time breakdown process, that may not tell you much. Try calling a shop that specializes in brakes, but dont take it in for a free rip off estimate, just try to wheedle a specfic answer out to them. Good luck and please post what they tell you.