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Is 600 hp in a SUV to much? It seems like fun.

Too much for what? Or for whom?

It’s your money, kid. Go for it.

From where do you plan to get CV joints for this mystery vehicle?
The typical CV joint would not last very long with that amount of power.

No such thing as too much HP. It also depends on the SUV. 600 HP in something like Suzuki Samuri would probably compromise it’s driveability. Whereas 600 HP in a 1 ton Suburban would be pretty easy to live with.

Not if he doesn’t change the rest of the running gear as well. (Big grin)

Ask your insurance agent that question…

What did you have in mind exactly?

That does verge on being too much for a streetable vehicle.
There was the Mercedes Benz which was pumped to 750 hp, and 750 ft lb torque. The experienced test driver took it to the track. His assessment was that that much torque and horsepower were NOT truly streetable.

You could try a simulator to find out. Try playing Gran Tursimo on the X-Box or a Play Station. Earn enough credits to buy a vehicle with 600 hp or a vehicle that will have that much hp after you modify it. Then turn the TCS and ASM down to zero and take it out on the track to see how it handles acceleration and corners. If you earn enough credits, you can modify the Corvette up to about 800 or 900 hp, but you won’t be able to control it without TCS and ASM.

Straight Axle Swap would elminate the need for CV joints. If the Tahoe is 2WD, it doesn’t have any CV joints to break in the first place.

Excellent suggestion. I’d far rather that this young fella experiment with 600 HP in a virtual world than in the real one. 600 HP can kill you fast.

Every once in a while, I see an SUV in my area that is not equipped with AWD/4WD. My question at that point is…Other than for the sake of appearances, why did that person want an SUV?