Horsepower on Hellcats

Does anybody know how much HP a hellcat redeye produces stock?

From what I read on the 'net, 797 HP.

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Watched a video of c-10 pickup with that motor. Why not a Chevy blown ls motor? Cost? Attention? Spend $$$ to mod a truck and go cross species. Not sure I like it, but it’s not my money. He didn’t say how he got motor. Maybe there are a lot of crashed hellcats?

As far as “cross species”. If I ever had the $$$$$ to build a T-Bucket or 32 Highboy, I want a Flathead, not the common SBC.

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The Hellcat is small potatoes compared to Chrysler’s Hellephant engine. Seems like I read a while back that someone was not happy with the 1000 HP and modded one up to 1100 or 1200 HP.

I have been lucky enough to test and drive on public roads a bunch of the modern Challenger Hellcats and most of the variants. None of them can put the power down in any meaningful way. They do well as straight line dragstrip cars. That’s it. The most impressive to me was the AWD Trackhawk. It was the only one that could accelerate out of a corner that I have driven. Even the lesser Hemi-V8-Equipped Challengers can break both the rear tires free at 40 MPH on a dry road if you pin the throttle. I’ve done it multiple times. These are fun cars.


If it’s the same video i’ve found it was a crate motor. I believe one runs $15,000 give or take.

I just recently rented a Uhaul Chevy van with a V-12 engine, and I totally get what you’re saying. Empty, that thing had massive power, but being too top heavy to use it in the turns really took the fun out of it.

Why do you think it was a V12? GM has never built a modern V12.

Correct. GM’s last v12 was in a 1937 Cadillac. I seem to remember Lincoln having a flat head v12 for a few years in the late 1940’s.

Closest thing I can think of is Ford had a V10 for a few years in their F350s.

The Lincoln Zephyr had a flatty V12. 1936 to 42. I have seen a few at auctions. Pretty cool car and engine.

It’s what the badge on the front end said unless I’m misremembering it.

A 6 liter V8 is the biggest available van engine until 2020 when they upped it to 6.6 liters. No slouch in the power department. the 6 Liter puts out 341 HP, 373 ft-lbs. Probably the truck you rented had some big rear-end gears, 4:56 or more. That would give you house-pulling power.

It must have been a V8 then. Something on the badge made me think it was more. Nonetheless, it was fun to drive it like a rental van when it was empty.

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If it was a Ford it could have been a V10.

I figured it had a engine swap like this V12.

Chrysler used V10’s in the Viper and pickups for a number of years too .