Horn does not work from steering wheel, it does from car keys

A friend of mine got a Nissan Versa 2008, and he has a issue with the horn.
Since he got the car, the horn seems to be broken. We swapped the fuses out. We got it to horn from the steering wheel once after we swapped the fuse, no clue why and how, but after that no more. After that, we swapped the fuse again, no result.
Weirdly enough, the horn does work when activated from the car keys.
I don’t think it is the clock spring, since cruise control works and there is no airbag light on. Could be horn switch?

Anyone has an idea on this issue?

You probably have a wiring issue. A shorted wire probably shorted causing the fuse to blow. When you replaced the fuse, it caused the horn to work long enough for the short to turn into a broken circuit. You need a wire diagram and multimeter to isolate where the current stops.

Try replacing the horn relay with a relay with the same number.


If you had your headlight problem solved by a shop then they might solve this problem also.

Actually handed the car in there this morning, the friend with the Nissan will pick me up to get the car when it’s done. We might as well ask them there, but if someone here had a quick fix that would always help

My guess, either the horn switch or the combnation switch. If the problem was the relay, don’t think it would honk from the key. See where the box in the diagram above that says “intelligent power module”? That’s probably what honks the horn when using the key. It bypasses the two switches to turn the relay on.

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try this …
Repair A Nissan Versa Horn Wont Work - YouTube

It still could be the clockspring. They don’t usually fail on all circuits at the same time unless they are installed improperly.

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We looked at the video few times already, no fix unfortunately for my friends horn.
I think in the end he will just bring it in, but it’s up to him; he has the car for two more months then he has to sell it regardless

Then he should just not worry about it. If horn not needed for a state inspection I would not fix it . I can’t even remember the last time I used my horn . I don’t even honk at other drivers because of the Road Rage factor.