Horn/directional signals on dash don't work

I have a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager. I have not been driving it alot because I have been in the hospital a long time. I noticied that the horn (as well as the directional signals on the dash) does not work. I live and drive in the Bronx, so a horn is very important. During my hospital stay a friend kept the car for me and promised to start it and drive it on occassion. He did not. Another friend took over and battery was dead and the car had to be towed. The mechanic disabled a cut off switch in order to get the car started. Could this disabiling have caused the horn and dash directional light problems? If so, I’ll bring it back to him. If not, I’ll go elsewhere since he is quite expensive.

Check the fuses for the horn and turn signals. That’s the first thing to do.

If there was some electrical work done it could have caused the problems you’re having.