Hood on a 2005 Siverado

when i latch the hood on my Silverado there is still a lot of play-it’s not tight. The front of the hood moves up and down when on the road. Any ideas how to get the thing tight.

Either the hood latch needs to be loosened and lowered slightly, or the hood stops on each side of the radiator support have to be turned to raise them slightly.


The adjustment is pretty easy and only takes a minute. If you feel not mechanically inclined enough to do so yourself, I’m sure any shop will do it for a very minimal fee. They might not even charge you, as the paperwork would cost more than the charge and the goodwill would be worth more than the cash. They won’t even have to pull it into the bay.

If the hood closes below the fenders, adjust the hood stops. If it’s flush with the fenders and the slip allows it to raise above the fenders, adjust the latch