Car Shop Taking Forever

Hey guys. I’m posting this in a sort of frustration. So last year I essentially killed my motor on my vehicle (the car just wasn’t built to handle such boost amounts). Anyway, I had a whole system planned out of how to get this car rebuilt. I was going to have one particular shop build my motor, and I was going to have another yet build the frame up (and tranny and rear etc… since I bought a new roller for this car too). Long story short, the shop that I had been using that originally built my car’s motor essentially intercepted me and said “hey, I’d love to do your entire car for you! We’ll do it for less price than competitors and get it all done for you in a reasonable timeframe”. Okay, well long story short guys this didn’t happen. I bought every single thing this car needs to be assembled FOR THEM. All they needed to do was put things together and assemble an engine. I figured this would take some time. So I purchased these things In November. Okay, an immense time has passed since November. I’m talking November last year. They put together “the short block” apparently but I’ve never seen any of this together. This has been 13 months now that they have done nothing, and when I go and contact them about it asking what’s going on, they tell me that "oh yea we’re just playing catch up - as soon as this car is done yours is next). Okay, but that car is getting a rear end installed, and my car thus is not going to occupy a lift. Then they’ll say things like “yeah man we’re starting the teardown on your other motor this week.” which I’ve heard for months now. Oh - and they don’t text me, they only text me when I harass them first asking what’s going on.

I’m on the verge of pulling the plug here, but I’m not sure exactly how to proceed. I’m not sure if I should have a rival shop put everything together (since quite frankly they won’t take over a year to assemble a motor with all parts available), or just buy a new car and say forget it. It’s becoming far too frustrating to me to wait this long, and I was not informed it would be even remotely close to this long to begin with. What should I do?

Follow the money. You gave them parts. They have your motor? And car? And you have paid them money? Or no money? Ask them for a bill for doing very little and get your stuff out of there


I am not sure what that means, but I guess that’s a story for another time.

Without knowing all the details, I would first find a reputable shop that even does all the work you are asking for. Ask them how you should approach a transfer to their shop. Get a timetable AND pricing in writing prior to agreeing to any deals. You may loose your shirt and first born on this job unless you know what you are asking for and placing detailed expectations on the shop.

The shop has a serious communications problem

Have you ever been to this shop, to check on your car’s progress . . . ?

If not, I seriously suggest you do that

In fact, this is how I would do it

Call them

When they pick up the phone say “Hello, this is such and such. I’m coming over to check out the progress on my car.”

And then hang up the phone

Go over there and see if there’s even a shred of truth to what they’ve been telling you

Maybe they’re honest but just poorly organized . . . or maybe they’re actively stringing you along

It could be that the shop is so successful, that they’ve taken in more work than they can realistically handle, but in my opinion that would count as poorly organized, maybe even mismanaged

Once you’re there, you might want to consider this approach. “I heard you were the best, and I feel I’ve given you more than enough time to finish my car. Can you give me a good reason why I shouldn’t just tow my car out of here so that your rival can finish it up?”

A word of caution . . . the rival shop might not be too eager to finish up something that another shop started on. They might not know how far along the other shop got, or if they even did anything right


Yes - I gave them all the tools they’ll need here.I paid up for all of the parts, they were paid for the machining done on the motor for it to be ready for assembly, but this was WAY back. As of yet I have not paid them anything for labor, as i shouldn’t since they have done nothing thus far. So you suggest I move to a different shop? Should I just essentially pack my things up there and moved?

Pack up & go.

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From what I have seen, it is more-or-less around the poorly organized part. Your suggestion is actually a really good way to get them off-kilt. I have done something like that prior, and noticed it was the only way to really get them to do anything. Then they give me some BS when I get there. It’s really frustrating because I’ve known these guys for almost 10 years now and they do outstanding work when they actually get to it, but it’s irrelevant if they never even do anything and say they will. Over a year of having parts is obscene. Your info on other shops makes sense as well. Something I’ll have to consider I suppose.

Pull the plug. They don’t need your project. Depending of course on how many parts are just laying around half done. Bring some boxes. It may be hard to get someone else though to take over a half done engine without going through the steps again but who needs the aggravation? Buy another car in the meantime to take the pressure off. It took 7 weeks once to get my car back from the transmission shop and it had to be re-done in a year. I would have pulled the car out but they had it all apart collecting dust. Took me 11 months to get my snow blower back too under warranty but that guy is out of business too. These are symptoms of either a business out of control or a crook. Will not end well even when they are done.

There was a case similar to this on judge Judy recently. You will also need to pursue this through the legal system.

the shop might be over their head on this one and glad if OP picks up the pieces and moves on.

What is this vehicle ? Is it really worth all this money and time ?

Seems like it… Would really love for them to just tell me if this is the case. It’s essentially a rear / tranny / motor install, except I found a built transmission and rear from another source to alleviate their workload. Of course, coming up on Christmas time, we know no work would progress at all at this point anyway. Should I essentially give these guys an ultimatum where either it is done around X time or I go to Y shop?

I would ask them for a guaranteed completion date, with the understanding that you may pursue other options if not fulfilled. I am thinking placing demands on them may do more harm than good.

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No. I’ve dumped over 60k in this GTO for this project.

Yeah. I suppose I could just get a half-assed product or nothing at all. These are the quandaries that I’m struggling to process.

I believe that “db4690” made some reasonable suggestions. I would give that a try first, but make sure they give you a completion date (and price). Also, be prepared to take it out of there on short notice if you are not satisfied with their response.

Edit: by the way, I would be careful of obtaining parts on your own. Most shops prefer to acquire parts on their own and you don;'t have to worry if something does not fit or work correctly. If you share your requirements with them most shops will oblige you.

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Understood. They actually wanted me to source my own parts which was frustrating. They purchased their own stuff for the motor which is most important, but they made me pick and purchase everything else for the car.

The more I read about it the more I am inclined to recommend to get the heck out of there asap. At this time I would not only be worried about having them complete the work, but complete it accurately and warranty their work. Just my opinion. I realize tough decision when one already invested a ton of money.

After spending 60000.00 with nothing to show for it a couple of thousand to an Attorney does not sound that bad.


I’ve never been informed of any warranty of any sort. But yeah, money sucks - but to be honest I cant say I care about how much money it’ll cost. THAT is how annoyed I am about this whole thing. But I don’t want to give them any more money to incentivize anything so I’d rather go elsewhere.