Honda won't start

I have a 1993 Honda civic LX. The car had always started when tried. One day I trie3dmto start it - no joy. The gas gauge read empty so I added 2 1/2 gallons of gas and tried again.It cranked but no go. I pulled a plug and it smelled like gas, so I figured it was not a fuel problem. I cranked the engine with the shell of the plug grounded - no spark. Taking the easy way out, I replaced the ignitor module in the distributor. Still no spark. I checked voltages on the ignitor and they seemed to be correct. Next I tried to check for a trouble code, using the diagnostic connector and the check engine light as an indicator. I got no trouble code. Then I checked the check engine light on startup and it flashed for 2 seconds, as per normal.I checked the resistance of the ignition coil and it was within spec. I am stuck!

Read this and see if it helps you:

The item you posted was interesting because I had the same problem on my 1989 Honda Civic. In that instance the problem was definitely caused by heat. My present problem has nothing to do with heat.The car won’t start regardless of the temperature.