Honda that get about 34 mpg


On this afternoon’s broadcast (September 30, 2007 in Phoenix noon MST), a caller (from Mass, I think) said he replaced his truck (because he was a green activist) with a Honda that gets about 34 mpg but I missed what Honda that was. Did anyone catch it? Was it the Insight?



Most of 'em have on the highway since they went fuel injected in the mid-80’s. Except for the SUV’s and vans. I just took a 150 mile trip in an 86 accord and got 36.


34 mpg on the highway is not hard in several Honda models, such as the Fit, the Civic, and the Accord. The only model I can think of that will do 34 in the city is the Insight, which is no longer sold in the US, and perhaps the Civic Hybrid, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

I can get 34 or better on the highway in my Accord if I don’t go over the speed limit.


Hell, I get around 43-44 mpg average in my 02 Accent, and it costs a fraction what a similar Honda model would.


I get 35 mpg on the highway with my old 89 accord. Wife gets close to 40 highway with her 95 civic.


I have been looking at Honda’s lately and I can tell you that you must be thinking of the Fit. It gets 34 mpg on the highway and has a lot of rear space with a innovative folding rear seat. What’s been bugging me lately is the Honda Civic weighing about 300lbs more with a bigger engine gets 36 mpg. The laws of physics don’t seem to be working here unless this is all due to the gear ratio.

The knuckleheads at my local Honda dealer of course have no explanation. Go figure.


If you’re looking at the mileage numbers on the window sticker, you may be in for a shock. Real-world numbers can be significantly different. I would think aerodynamics plays a part in the highway rating for the Civic.


The 300lbs isn’t really significant, and the Civic is a more aerodynamic design than the Fit.