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Honda Starting Problems

I have a 1994 Honda Accord and have had some starting problems. The car starts fine if the day is cool and dry, but if the day is hot and humid the car will sometimes has trouble starting. The problem is intermittent problem so every time I take the car to the garage the problem disappears, imagine that ;-). In the past I have used a little starting fluid and the car starts up just fine. Once the car is running there is no problem. The battery has been confirmed in good working condition, and the car cranks over just fine. I have had people tell me that the problem is a vapor lock, a bad fluid pump, and a bad oxygen sensor. The problem appears to be getting a little worse. Please let me know any thoughts to what the problem could be and any solutions.


The problem is most likely with the main fuel pump relay. Honda’s have a history of not starting when the interior of vehicle gets hot.

This relay is located behind the dash, above the drivers left knee.


Thanks for the quick reply. The help is greatly appreciated.