Honda S2000 Gas Cap

Is is somewhat common for a 2000 model Honda S2000, with only 23,000 miles, to have the gas cap mysteriously loosen, causing the Check Engine light to come on?

If the last person who added gasoline to the car’s fuel tank did not tighten the cap to the click, that could be the reason for the cap to be mysteriously loose. If the cap was actually tight but the CEL still came on, the gasket on the cap may need replacement; the cap is defective; or there is some other leak in the gas tank vapor recovery system.

Hope that helps.

If the gas cap loosens, that is indeed a mystery. I would suggest either of two possible scenarios:

*The cap was not tightened sufficiently when the gas tank was filled
*Someone is playing with you–or more specifically–with your mind.

In reference to the second possibility, take a look at the old movie, Gaslight, and you will see what I am referring to.

Gas caps don’t vibrate like engines or exhaust systems can. If the cap was loose, it’s because it was not tightened. Stupider things than this can happen such as oil change monkeys failing to tighten crankcase drain plugs or oil filters or failing to refill crankcases.

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Thanks for your response. I’ve done some more checking on the internet and a bad gasket is possible. Caps that mysteriously loosen on S2000’s seem to be somewhat common. Previous owner had same problem a few times. Sometimes, they say, after several clicks the cap will turn freely again. If a new gas cap doesn’t solve our problem I guess the best advice I have seen is to slowly tighten the cap until it clicks at least 5 times and leave the cap oriented in a position that you can check from time to time to see if it has moved. Really bizarre.