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Check Fuel Cap

The instrument panel on my 2006 Honda Ridgeline indicates the warning “Check Fuel Cap”. I have checked the fuel cap and tighten to three clicks. The warning message keeps on. What does it indicate and how do I get the warning off the instrument panel?

You might need to replace the gas cap. It might not be sealing properly.

Drive the car for a couple of days and see if it goes out.

Both of the above are correct. It takes a few drive cycles for the car to decide it no longer has a problem and turn out the light.

Good Luck

You might remove the cap, wipe the sealing surfaces with a damp paper towel, let dry, and replace to make sure there’s no dirt messing up the seal. If you do need a new cap, I’d poney up the big buck for a factory one, some folks have had problems with cheaper aftermarket ones.

Try tightening it to 6-7 clicks. Thats what I was taught when I was 16 and learning how to drive, never had any issues with a gas cap, ever.

My 2 experiences, 1 went away after wiping clean the top of the filler tube and the gas cap gasket, the other was a plymouth that had a pump that pressurized the system to test and the pump failed, though most often a new fuel cap solves the problem as an inexpensive place to start if experience 1 fails.

It may be the fuel cap leaks a little air; or, it may be a “gross leak” [air]. A larger sewing needle size leak is big enough to qualify as a “gross” or “large” leak.
Wipe the seal on the cap to remove any possible debris. Try some petroleum jelly on the seal. It may take several “trips” for the system to run its test.
If the check engine symbol is lit, have the vehicle scanned at an auto parts store (free). If any trouble codes, bring those here.

I certainly know nothing about that Honda. However, on my Toyota Sienna, some time ago, I had a failure light, and the engine codes were essentially those one gets when the cap is leaking. However, it turned out to be problems in the charcoal canister assembly which had to be replaced.

So, I agree with the answer of getting the codes checked ASAP.

i was in autozone having my codes read when a young kid asked what my problem was?? one of the codes comments was the gas cap? he told me to go home and put silicone? it on the rubber seal on the gas cap? what did i have to lose? i did that — the next day driving down the expressway the light went out. it could have been the next day, senior moment??? good luck