Honda Radiator Failure? - age related

I have 2 1995 Hondas, a Civic & an Odyssey.

They both have between 160k and 190k miles, respectively, on them.

Both have had the top plastic “tank” of the radiator separate from the core within 4 months of each other.

This suggests a time dependent failure mode (14 years +/-). I guess 14 years is NOT bad though.

Detected by fluctuation in temp guage.

Watch for leaks around the top tank of the radiator and on fan shroud.

Just thought this observation might be of help to Honda owners and service people.

I recently had to replace the original radiator in my 1998 Civic with 186,000 miles.

Thankfully, I also noticed the leak before the engine had a chance to overheat, which stresses the need to check all of your fluids on a regular basis. In your case, catching this problem early saved you a lot of money.

I had a similar problem w/my '96 ES300, turns out worn motor mounts let the engine rock, cracking a tank where the upper hose goes in, so if your tank cracks, make sure it’s not a mount issue, too.